If you're reading this then most likely you're an awesome person that values natural gemstone jewelry with high quality craftsmanship! Thanks for being so cool and here's a little about me...

I was born n' raised in central Texas and call Austin my home. Besides making things, my favorite pastimes are hiking and swimming in the Hill Country. Being outdoors is truly like therapy to me and recharges my soul. When I return from weekend adventures, my pockets are often filled with pebbles and treasures from the trail. I have always loved art and nature. I see silversmithing as an opportunity to combine the two. 

I have a long history of creating, crafting and making art. My venture into jewelry developed slowly along with many other hobbies in my life including woodworking, print making, sewing, crochet/knitting, painting, etc. In 2014 I got a torch setup and started silversmithing. I'm proud to be a self-taught jeweler as it allows me to follow my own unique path and explore techniques that most peak my curiosity. I want to give credit my family and friends who have been hugely supportive and encouraging to me as an artist.

I create heirloom jewelry that can be worn comfortably and without worry of messing it up. Jewelry that is durable and unique yet timeless. My jewelry designs are for free-spirited folks like myself. My inspiration comes from the indigenous cultures, organic shapes and textures, along with the beauty & colors of natural gemstones. 

Be sure to contact me if you have any ideas for a custom piece of jewelry! I hope you enjoy looking at my work and thanks for stopping by!